Alexus Tan

Linda Couvreur recently advised me in a reaching a settlement agreement with a former employer after redundancy. She was highly effective, professional and efficient! As well as very informed regarding the specific issues facing expats working in the Netherlands. I would highly recommend her to others facing issues with their employers.

Duncan Crozier

I am delighted to share my exceptional experience with Linda from Noordam Advocaten. When faced with the complexities of an end-of-contract situation, Linda’s expertise and guidance were invaluable. From our very first interaction, she demonstrated a profound understanding of employment law and a sincere dedication to her clients. Linda’s professional approach and remarkable ability to explain intricate legal matters in a clear and accessible manner put me at ease throughout the process. Her proactive communication and responsiveness to my concerns were truly commendable, ensuring that I felt supported every step of the way. Thanks to Linda’s strategic negotiation skills, we reached a mutually beneficial agreement swiftly, saving both parties unnecessary stress and time. I cannot thank Linda and the team at Noordam Advocaten enough for their outstanding service, and I wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone in need of expert employment law guidance.

Vera Orlova

In June 2023, I contacted Noordam Advocaten to seek legal assistance in settlement agreement negotiations. Losing a job is twice as hard when you are an expat in a foreign country. Linda Couvreur, however, made it as less stressful as she could for me. She was proactive in her suggestions, attentive to small details and dedicated to reaching the best possible outcome. She demonstrated great expertise and confidence throughout that period. I would not hesitate to contact her for legal advice again.


Without a doubt, Linda Couvreur is the person to go to for employment law. Her expertise, dedication, and understanding nature make her an excellent resource for anyone dealing with legal issues pertaining to the workplace. Without her intervention, I believe I would have been treated unfairly. Her support was pivotal in ensuring a just outcome for my case.

Karan Jain

A tough situation at work is never easy, and finding yourself in need of a lawyer is a terrible feeling – but Linda really made everything a cakewalk. She is calm, collected, and extremely knowledgeable, and she helped us fight for things that were important to us, while always giving excellent advice.

Not only did she make herself available whenever needed, she has impeccable integrity – constantly looking for ways to minimize legal fees while maintaining an impeccable standard of work. Every time I was worried or stressed, a chat with Linda calmed me right down. She’s like a guru and I cannot begin to thank her enough for the support she gave me through a very difficult time. I cannot recommend Noordam Advocaten and Linda Couvreur enough; don’t think – just call!


Arnoud assisted me in negotiating a settlement agreement with my former employer. What stood out for me were his fast response time (we had a meeting within 2 days after I had contacted him), and his frugal approach (by asking me to make an overview of relevant events and documents, we actually save costs). More importantly, he guided me through the negotiations and helped to assess my position and reach a good settlement. His eye for detail helped too, by pointing out various elements in the agreement that I hadn’t thought of myself. I would recommend Arnoud to anyone as a safe pair of hands who guides you effectively through an unpleasant time in your career.

Fabiane Gabelini

I had great support from Linda Couvreur in a settlement agreement. Linda was very kind and always replied quickly to all my questions, helping me to remain calm during a highly stressful period. Linda brought me many possibilities of negotiation and she was sharp in observing important details and clauses for my protection. She demonstrated great knowledge and confidence during the whole process. I highly recommend her services for locals and expat clients.


Arnoud Noordam supported me with legal advice on a settlement agreement as part of a burnout case. Having his guidance greatly alleviated stress during a challenging period, and ultimately we were able to negotiate a more favourable settlement agreement. Arnoud always kept a short line of communication and would happily hop on the phone to answer questions. I very much appreciated his personal, transparent, and collaborative approach. I recommend him to expats living in Amsterdam looking for a personal touch. 

Judy Chen

I was referred to Linda Couvreur at Noordam Advocaten for contract checking. As a foreigner who is new to the Dutch working environment, I am grateful to have reached out to her. She is professional, caring, efficient. She helped me through a stressful situation by providing knowledgeable insight and useful negotiation skills on employment law. She is responsive and trustworthy, it is a pleasure to receive her help.

Xiaoya Lyr Deng

If you need a lawyer for anything related to your work/labor law in the Netherlands, you can call Linda from Noordam Advocaten, she is super professional and dedicated, you will be in good hands, she will help you in each step and being transparent with the fees at the same time. I enjoy working with her and learned a lot from her. Thanks so much Linda! All the best.