“After experiencing a dispute within the workplace, I contacted Noordam Advocatuur after researching for an employment law lawyer for expats living in Amsterdam. I fully appreciated the approachability and transparency with Noordam Advocatuur during my initial consultation and so decided to proceed with them, and how happy I am that I did. I would certainly use Noordam Advocatuur again if ever the need arose and I would highly recommend them to anyone who was experiencing an employment related issue, especially Linda Couvreur. The correspondence from Linda was always courteous, accessible and quick. I was kept informed with what was happening with my case the whole way through. Excellent professional service from start to finish and an extremely positive outcome, with Linda’s expertise and knowledge undoubtedly achieving the best possible result. Thank you to Linda and all at Noordam Advocatuur.” – D.W. (September 2020)

“I contacted Noordam Advocatuur for assistance with a contractual issue I had with an employer. As an expatriate, I was quite unsure with regards on how to proceed and what my chances of success were. They responded almost immediately and setup an introductory meeting to assess the chances of my case (free of charge). Throughout the process, I was informed of any and all costs up front, which is an ode to their transparency. The service I received from Linda Couvreur was professional and to the point, and I was happy with the end result of the proceedings. I would recommend Noordam Advocatuur to anyone!” – Jean van der Merwe (September 2020)

“As an expat working in the Netherlands I count myself very fortunate to have found Mr Noordam when I was seeking legal advice relating to unfair treatment from my employer. I was not expecting to actually enjoy the experience, but thanks to Mr Noordam’s highly professional approach, I did indeed enjoy standing up to my employer’s attempt at unfair treatment to such an extent that I was a little sad when it was all concluded. Mr Noordam is of course highly knowledgeable about employment law. However due to his deep experience, and as mentioned elsewhere on this website, his humanity, you will receive grounded and realistic guidance from start to finish. By seeking advice from Mr Noordam you are maximising your chances of success, and you may well also enjoy the journey, as I most certainly did.” – Anonymous expat (January 2020)

”I am an expat based in The Netherlands and working for a big US multinational. When my employer announced that they terminated my contract, I contacted Arnoud Noordam. He was very reactive and supportive. Based on his advice, we very quickly framed our approach and did answer to my employer. Then, Arnoud was very pragmatic and efficient in his discussions with the other party and his follow-up was great. The outcome was positive for me and a win/win for both parties. I highly recommend Arnoud to anyone who would be in a similar situation.” – C.B. (January 2020)

“Mr. Noordam was a great help for me as an expat to find a settlement agreement with my company. His friendly and professional manner made it a pleasure to work on a difficult case with an good outcome for myself. I did recommend his service already to a friend and she she made also a very good experience with him. I will use his service whenever needed again.” – Sabine, Austria (May 2018)

“I was an expat based in Amsterdam for two years. I contacted Dr. Noordam due to a labour conflict in my previous job position. Dr. Noordam have offered me excellent professional services including regular meetings to examine the conflict, the corresponding documents including the CAO and to prepare a mutual agreement as well. I would like to thank Dr. Noordam’s and recommend his services to those expats in similar situations in Holland.” –  anonymous expat (April 2018)

“I am living in Houston, Texas USA, and have reached out to Arnoud Noordam in Amsterdam asking for his help with my employment case which another lawyer had just dropped after working on it for months. Mr. Noordam stepped in right away. After having carefully studied all the documentation he had communicated very clearly the odds and challenges the court case was subject to. Acting as my representative in Netherlands he made sure that all the documents were prepared and submitted on time, all the deadlines were met. Mr. Noordam worked with lawyers in Netherlands and the USA. All the important emails and calls have always been followed up. Mr. Noordam had worked with me through the time difference, my unavailability due to hospitals stays and new-born days. Mr. Noordam has demonstrated incredible commitment to the success of my case working after-hours and weekends. Not a single time during Mr. Noordam’s work on my case I had doubts in fact that my case is handled in a best possible way. If you are in need of professional, systematic, knowledgeable, experienced, and dedicated legal counsel, I would definitely recommend Arnoud Noordam.” – anonymous expat (2018)

“I was very pleased by the professional and timely service provided by Noordam Advocatuur. Mr. Noordam is as good as it gets in terms of effective and experienced counsel, especially on matters requiring in-depth local expertise such as the employment law. Thank you again for your service.” –  Tamara Markova (November 2016)

“I appointed Mr. Noordam to represent me when I was faced with redundancy this year. I was extremely impressed with his professionalism and the swift, efficient way in which he worked. Thanks to him my initial panic and stress were considerably reduced. I would recommend him to any expatriate in a similar situation.” – Lisa Williams (November 2016)

“Mr. Noordam offered me legal counselling concerning the conflict I had with my previous employer. I appreciated his prompt answer to my assistance request, as well as the advice he provided me during our consultation. I consider mr. Noordam is very well prepared to handle work litigation issues, and he treats his clients in a very professional manner.” – Adrian P. (November 2016)

As an expat based in Amsterdam I contacted Mr. Noordam when my employer informed me that they wished to terminate my contract.  Mr. Noordam provided an excellent consultative service to fully understand the situation, refute my employer’s arguments and ultimately resolve this matter with a settlement that was agreeable.  I would recommend Mr. Noordam’s services.” – anonymous expat (November 2016)